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Lagerlof, LLP’s Private Wealth & Fiduciary Team has extensive experience in the transfer of wealth, the administration of private trusts and estates, and the special challenges facing those who have been selected by others to make sound decisions about managing an estate.  

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  • We have helped many families preserve their family wealth for multiple generations. 
  • We define “wealth” as more than just property or money.  
  • We are not only about “planning for taxes”.  
  • “Wealth” means many things in different family contexts, including things like the family’s ability to do good things for society, or to preserve family reputation, history and stories, or to educate children and grandchildren, or to encourage future generations to be careful and caring individuals, or to maintain close emotional connections well into the future.
  • In the context of helping families plan, we often will conduct a series of “family meetings.”  These are intended to educate multiple generations about not only the family’s history, but to train them to be intelligent stewards of family wealth that may eventually become their responsibility.

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Lagerlof, LLP is the largest firm in Pasadena. With more than 100 years of experience satisfying clients, we are leading the market in strategic support. We are a team of trusted legal advisors on a mission to provide every client with clarity and understanding to succeed in a complex world. Lagerlof, LLP stands for innovation tempered with practicality, for thoroughness countered with common sense, and above all else, for impeccable integrity.

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