Estate Settlement & Probate

At Lagerlof, LLP, our dedicated Probate Team is here to guide you through the complex court process after the loss of a loved one. We carefully assess each case to determine if probate can be avoided through alternative procedures. Additionally, we stand by heirs and beneficiaries, safeguarding their rights throughout the probate journey. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Simplifying Probate with Lagerlof, LLP: Your Path to Clarity


Probate, a complex court process, can be overwhelming and challenging to comprehend. With its intricate web of petitions, orders, bonds, letters testamentary, court hearings, continuances, and perplexing probate notes from court staff, it often feels like uncharted territory for most people.

At Lagerlof, LLP, we recognize the confusion and stress that probate can bring. That’s why we go the extra mile to transform the experience into a manageable journey for our clients. How do we achieve this? By tailoring a unique project plan and timeline for each new probate client.

Our approach sets us apart. With a well-defined roadmap, our clients gain a clear understanding of the big picture. As we walk alongside them, navigating the intricacies of daily details becomes less daunting. Transparent communication and constant updates allow our clients to feel more at ease throughout the process.

At Lagerlof, LLP, we believe that knowledge empowers and understanding eases the burden. Let us be your guide through the probate process, providing clarity and confidence every step of the way. Together, we can simplify probate and ensure your peace of mind during this challenging time.


Litigation Services: Protecting Your Rights with Lagerlof, LLP


Our Probate Team expertly represents clients in various probate disputes.

Will Contests: Challenging will validity due to incapacity, undue influence, fraud, or elder abuse.

Will Interpretation: Providing guidance and advocacy in cases of unclear language or intentions.

Executor Misconduct: Taking action against improper executor actions.

Beneficiaries’ and Heirs’ Rights: Vigorously safeguarding their rightful share.

Decedent’s Creditors: Representing the interests of creditors for fair resolution and settlement.

Your rights are our priority. Trust our skilled team to advocate for positive outcomes in probate disputes.


Our area of expertise is as follows: 

  • Asset Transfers
  • Creditor Resolution
  • Account Management
  • Beneficiary Coordination
  • Real Estate: Managing, selling, and distributing decedent’s properties.
  • Property Reassessment
  • Business Management: Winding down, selling, or distributing decedent’s businesses.
  • Tax Consulting
  • Trust Administration
  • Nationwide Coordination: Coordinating with ancillary probates in other states.
  • Executor Support: Assisting with executor resignation or removal.
  • Handling Disputes
  • Specialized Distributions
  • Court Accountings
  • Personal Property Sales
  • Estate and Trust Litigation: Representing clients in probate-related disputes, such as will contests and financial elder abuse.

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