Who We Are

About Us

Lagerlof LLP is the largest law firm in Pasadena with offices in Encino and Seattle, WA. As we continue to grow we know size isn’t everything – Lagerlof, LLP has over 115 years of history and nearly 1,000 years of combined attorney experience satisfying clients and leading the market in strategic legal support. We are committed to an exceptional client experience and offer a wide range of practice areas allowing us to serve all the needs of our clients.

Who We Are

With roots dating back to 1908, we have been involved in shaping the legal and business landscape in Southern California for more than 100 years. We stand for innovation tempered with practicality, for thoroughness countered with common sense, and above all else, for impeccable integrity. We strive to be trusted counselors and not just attorneys. Our goal is to establish lasting relationships, and to that end have served many of our clients for decades and some families for as many as four generations.

Our Mission

We are a team of trusted legal advisors on a mission to provide every client with clarity and understanding to succeed in a complex world. We look forward to showing you Lagerlof, LLP – grounded in tradition, focused on the future.​

Our Values

Integrity – We are honest, ethical, and loyal.

Hard Work – We are tenacious, focused, and thorough.

Excellence – We are innovative, responsive, and professional.

Team – We are better together.

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