Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Lagerlof, LLP, we are committed to including and championing the diversity of our team members, clients, and community partners. In alignment with our core values of Integrity, Hard Work, Excellence, and Team, we strive to foster a work environment that honors each individual’s unique contribution to our mission, regardless of their race/ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, social/economic classification, age, disability, or religion. We recruit the highest caliber people, with a wide variety of talents, experiences and insights, allowing us to remain agile and innovative in serving greater audiences with robust solutions. We also take an active approach to developing our team members as mindful and inclusive leaders, serving others from all walks of life.

In order to serve clients of all languages (including sign language), we actively partner with Worldwide Interpreters as a trusted resource in providing quality translation services when needed.

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