Pasadena Law Firms Merge Further Growing the Largest Firm in Pasadena

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PASADENA – Anglin Flewelling & Rasmussen LLP and Lagerlof, LLP, two highly recognized and experienced Pasadena law firms, are pleased to announce they have merged, effective January 1, 2022. The combined firm will operate under the name Lagerlof, LLP. 


The firms came together based on their shared vision of client service and commitment to their core values. Together they will combine their skills and expertise to enhance their ability to create a greater client experience. 


The newly merged firm practice areas include estate planning, corporate & tax, public agency, family law, elder law, litigation, private fiduciary, insolvency, intellectual property, banking & financial services, employment, and real estate.


“We are very excited to share the news regarding the merge of Anglin Flewelling & Rasmussen and Lagerlof, LLP,” Managing Partner of Lagerlof, LLP, Joshua Driskell, shared. “We believe that as two experienced firms, coming together with shared values and attitudes of excellence, we can serve our clients with even better resources and capabilities than ever before. We are thrilled to join together and become one team.”


Prior to the merger, Lagerlof, LLP was the largest firm in Pasadena and following this merge with Anglin Flewelling & Rasmussen LLP, will have 47 attorneys with nearly one thousand years of combined attorney experience. Joshua Driskell of Lagerlof, LLP will remain the merged firm’s Managing Partner. 


The firms will integrate their operations over the course of 2022. 


More news and information surrounding the merger regarding attorneys and practice areas can be found on the Lagerlof, LLP website at

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