What is Equine Law? The Importance of Working With An Equine Law Specialist

What is equine law? Equine law is a specialized area of law governing horse transactions (e.g. sales and leases), horse-related torts such as veterinary malpractice and injuries sustained while riding, and horse businesses.  Clients are typically horse owners, the agents of horse owners, trainers, riders, boarding and training facilities, and related professionals.  


Although there is an equine law specialty, there are not many equine law specialists. However, if you are in the equine business, working with an equine law specialist on business transactions can provide big benefits and be a valuable asset to your business. 




The first thing to know is that there are two sides to equine law. There is a transactional side and a litigation side. This is important as most equine professionals have transactional needs that include a variety of different contracts. Contracts are necessary in all equine transactions and working with an equine law specialist to create a solid contract will help assure that a transaction doesn’t go awry. 


Having a solid contract should always be the first step before any transaction and is the most beneficial step to avoid litigation. However, litigation cannot be avoided one hundred percent of the time. That is when the litigation side to equine law comes into play. Working with an equine law specialist can assist in litigation and often times resolve issues before they end up in court. Early resolution saves everyone headaches, heartache, and money. 




If you do encounter an issue during or after your equine transaction, remember that litigation does not always require the expenditure of significant resources. This is extremely important as many people have the false impression that every dispute needs to end up at trial, when in most cases, if properly handled, the case can be settled out of court. This is why it’s critical for equine professionals to contact an equine law specialist the moment a dispute arise before it escalates. This could prevent costly court intervention and turmoil.




If you are in the equine business or sport, work closely with an equine law specialist. Doing this will save you both money and unnecessary stress. Our team of equine law specialists can help with both transactional and litigation needs without incurring charges. They understand that no one wants to waste money on an attorney that is not a specialist in that particular field. We are confident that our equine law team can help prevent and resolve any issue you or your equine business may have.

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