Lagerlof, LLP Partner Completes Pro Bono Work for LAFCO

PASADENA, CA – Lagerlof, LLP Partner, William F. Kruse, completed pro bono work with the Los Angeles Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) conducting the recent election to appoint a new alternate member representing the independent special districts.  


LAFCO is a quasi-governmental body that oversees boundaries and services rendered by cities and special districts in Los Angeles County. 


The governing body of Los Angeles County’s LAFCO is made up of 7 elected officials and two public members, called “Commissioners.” Each elected official serves a four-year term. One “alternate” member is selected in each category, who can vote if a commissioner in that category cannot attend a meeting. 


Since the law was changed to add special districts to the Commission over 20 years ago, Lagerlof, LLP has volunteered to conduct the elections, which are by mailed ballot.  An election happens roughly every two years, to fill one of the Commission seats or the alternate for the special districts. 


Lagerlof, LLP, led by William Kruse, does this work as a public service with no compensation. The firm manages the nomination process, then prepares and sends the ballots. The election, which was a special election to fill a vacancy in the “alternate” position, was concluded at the end of October.  A new election cycle will begin in January, to fill both a voting member seat and the alternate seat. 


“We do this as a public service, as a way of assuring that the special districts can smoothly get their representatives recognized,” Mr. Kruse, shared. “We have always believed in the value of independent special districts as a good way of providing public services, especially since they tend to be closest to the voters, who are their customers.” 


In addition to conducting the election, Lagerlof, LLP is occasionally called upon to render a legal opinion, as the special counsel for LAFCO, regarding the voting procedures or other legal issues. 


Lagerlof, LLP represents numerous water purveyors in Los Angeles County, primarily public water districts and mutual water companies. 

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