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Nolan Arcos

Associate Attorney


Phone: (626) 793-9400

Pasadena, CA

Elder Law

Estate Planning

Trust & Probate


Nolan is an Associate Attorney at Lagerlof, LLP focusing on Elder Law. His passion for Elder Law started at an early age hearing his father, an Elder Care Planning attorney, give free seminars every month.  After each seminar, he watched dozens of attendees line up for free consultations from his father.  Seeing how just one person could help so many different people in such a small window of time, Nolan knew he would become a lawyer. 


Nolan received his Bachelor’s Degree from Gustavus Adolphus College where he majored in English and graduated summa cum laude one semester early. He then earned his Juris Doctorate from William & Mary, the country’s oldest law school. 


Working at William & Mary’s Elder & Disability Law Clinic, Nolan developed firsthand experience aiding low-income communities in estate planning and conservatorship matters.  Seeing the difference that even a simple estate plan could make, Nolan continued his public service by taking part in his law school’s Wills for Seniors program, where he worked with attorneys to provide free estate planning to individuals in need.  During law school, Nolan worked as a law clerk at Hanger Law.  There, he collaborated with fellow William & Mary alum Jason Miyares, who was then a member of the Virginia House of Delegates and is now the first Hispanic Attorney General of Virginia. 


Nolan understands the importance of bringing compassion to every interaction.  He strives to counsel his clients in a way that makes them feel welcome, heard, and understood.  In his free time, Nolan enjoys playing piano, making music in Ableton Live, and building computers.   

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