Pros and Cons of a Conservatorship in California

What Are Pros and Cons of a Conservatorship in California? Most people have heard the term conservatorship, but what does that mean? Furthermore, why would a conservatorship be necessary? A conservatorship is a legal arrangement in California where a court appoints a responsible person, the conservator, to care for an adult, the conservatee, who is […]

Joint Tenancy vs. Living Trust

What are the pros and cons of owning real property in joint tenancy versus in a living trust? Owning real property in joint tenancy and through a living trust are two common ways to hold property. Each option has its own pros and cons, but which one would be best for you? Here are some […]


What You Need To Consider When Gifting Real Estate When gifting real estate to beneficiaries, owners should understand the potential for post-gift legal disputes, the property tax implications, and the income tax consequences of the change in ownership. If the property is gifted during the owner’s lifetime, the owner must consider the major legal issues […]

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