Family Law

Lagerlof LLP’s family law team is devoted to our clients and their families and serve in all practice areas of family law.  

Published Cases & Representative Matters

Key Contacts:

  • Has successfully litigated complex financial issues, including business valuation, marital standard of living, real estate valuation, child support/spousal support, support collection and arrearage determination, domestic violence matters, and complex custody/visitation battles in dissolution matter and paternity/parentage cases.
  • Has worked as a mediator in marital dissolution cases, settled dozens of divorce and paternity/parentage cases without the need to go to trial and has participated in premarital/prenuptial agreements and transmutation agreements.
  • Represents clients of all backgrounds and professions including homemakers, same-sex couples, nurses, doctors, police officers, firefighters, teachers, engineers, scientist, small business owners, property developers, C-level management and parties in the entertainment industry.
  • Clientele ranges from parties with no outside sources of income up to individuals with net worth exceeding $100 million.

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