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Corey Castillo

Chief Operating Officer

155 N Lake Ave. 11th Floor

Pasadena, CA

Dr. Corey Castillo (Ed.D.) is Lagerlof’s Chief Operations Officer. He is an Executive Leader & Coach with proven results in organizational optimization, strategic development, and revenue enhancement across multiple industries. From Health & Fitness to Corporate Philanthropy, Professional Services, Healthcare, and Legal Services, as well as a variety of other fields, Corey has taken a multi-industry approach to aligning  people,  process,  and  product  to deliver value-based, scalable, and sustainable results.  


Corey began his career as a Personal Trainer. Shortly after, he began leading a team of established fitness professionals. As time passed, Corey led larger and more complex teams with hundreds of team members and revenues in excess of $100M, in roles such as Head of Operations, Strategic Consultant, and Executive Coach. In each chapter, he reflected on his approach to driving collective success in delivering results (in both revenue and impact) by creating value, building efficient scale, and developing resilient cultures under all circumstances— while completing his doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership. His track record is a reflection of his ability to strategically segment opportunity, design value, reduce waste, scale operations, optimize talent, and cultivate a high-performance culture.  


Corey also serves on multiple boards. He is currently a board member to The Foundation of Living Beauty and Leadership Pasadena. He is also an Advisory Board Member for Artists for Trauma.

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